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Demian’s Visual Résumé
Sweet Corn Productions
Seattle, WA

As a child, I was fascinated by cartoons. My earliest drawings focused on images I saw in comic books. By 13, my sphere encompassed photography and film. However, all means to producing a visual image seemed good. Through the years, any device for capturing an image, also captured my imagination.

Here is a glimpse at some of my visual endeavors.

Photography Director for Film and Video
Entertainment - Videographer, Editor:
Director’s Commentary
          The director speaks, and won’t shut up.
The Fight Before Christmas
          A musical about a male couple saved by angels
          Animated flight of fancy
Fog (formerly titled Didi)
          Surreal setting, longing and regret
Gertie Takes a Trip to the Moon and a Man Recycles
Documentary - Videographer, Editor:
Timeless Wisdom: Being the Knowing
          Dharma teachings
          with Ven. Thubten Chodron and Ven. Ajahn Amaro
The Right to Marry
          Civil rights documentary
T’ai Chi Chuan
          Demonstration by and interview of Master T.T. Liang
          This film is available on my Two by Demian DVD
Promotions - Videographer, Editor:
Jilly Eddy - Lipsologist
Bill Robinson and Beverly Schuster - Mimes
Linda Severt - Juggletunes
Corporate Clients - Videographer, Editor:
AmKor Pharma - Robert Abbott - VNR on phase 1 trials
Group Health - Lecture documentation
PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology & Health) - Chris Ellias
      In-house greetings to new employees
Publicis Dialogue - Client pitches
Many of the above videos - as well as still photos - are on
Demian’s Film & Video Projects - archive DVD

Video samples may be seen here:
Photos and Illustration Published in the Following
  • “Amherst Record”
  • “The Big Gay Book” - John Preston, editor
  • “Boston Travelor”
  • “Catalyst”
  • “Daily Collegian” (U. Mass.)
  • “Encore” (Seattle Opera)
  • “Fag Rag”
  • “Gæ-Räj” (Seattle)
  • “Gay Comix” (three illustrated stories)
  • “Gay Community News” (Boston, Mass.)
  • “Gay Post”
  • “Intaglio” (Boston, Mass.)
  • “Legal Marriage Alliance of Washington Newsletter” (1996-98)
  • “Lesbian and Gay Marriage: Private Commitments, Public Ceremonies” - Suzanne Sherman, editor
  • “New Age Journal”
  • “Newtonite” (Newton, Mass.)
  • “Partners Task Force Magazine” (1986-1993)
  • “Pioneer Valley Gay Union Newsletter” (Mass., 1975)
  • “PR Week”
  • “RFD Magazine” (photos, illustrations)
  • “Seattle Arts”
  • “Seattle Gay News” (many photos)
  • “Seattle Post-Intellegencer”
  • “Seattle Weekly”
  • “Springfield Daily News” (Mass.)
  • “Voice Northwest” (Seattle)
  • “West Seattle Herald/White Center News”
  • “Win Magazine”
  • “Yellow Sun Food Coop Newsletter” (many illos, Mass., 70s)
  • “Zichronot” (Tel Noar yearbook, N.H.)
Sample Photos and Illustrations
Photography and Illustration: Images by Demian
Retouched Image Samples by Demian
  • Ed.D. and M.Ed., University of Massachusetts
    (Doctoral thesis based on leading 130 theater workshops)
  • B.F.A., Massachusetts College of Art (painting major)
  • Theater and movement workshops with Carolee Schneeman and Yvonne Rainer
  • Theater workshops with The Open Theater, Manhattan Project, and The Living Theater
  • Certificate in Clock and Watch Repair, San Francisco Community College
  • FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit
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