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Demian’s Directing Résumé

Demian, Adam Sacks, Paul Nietupski, Martha Murphy
in “Assorted Shelters— or — Do You Have Nightmares When You Sleep on Your Back?”
1972 photo: Frank Ward
Sweet Corn Productions
Seattle, WA

My involvement in the performing arts spans from the 60s to the present.

I use video, film, theater, and radio to entertain and educate. Because of my emphasis on social responsibility, I consider myself to be a cultural worker.

My doctoral thesis was based on leading 130 theater workshops, as well as touring a workshop-developed play on sexism.

Besides directing and producing my own original scripts, I have also directed showcases for other writers, as well as children’s summer camp shows such as “Oliver” and “South Pacific.”

I founded Sweet Corn Productions in 1971 to produce dramas, satires, musicals, marionette opera for children, concerts, and productions on liberation issues.

I’ve produced numerous shorts, experimental and animated films. Currently, I use high-definition 16:9 format digital cameras, and a crane and a 3-axis gimbal for stabilization.

Besides directing and writing, I’m also skilled as an actor, photographer, script doctor, movie maker and editor, and rabbit wrangler (as easy as wrangling cats).

Movies -
      Producer, Writer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor
Director’s Commentary
      The director speaks, and won’t shut up.
      See on “Two by Demian” DVD
      View excerpt here on YouTube

The Fight Before Christmas
      A musical about a male couple saved by angels
      Steve Bryant, music direction
      Scott Henderson, music; Debbie Greig, lyrics
      Excerpt: “Demian’s Film & Video Projects” DVD

The Right to Marry
      Civil rights documentary

Gertie Takes a Trip to the Moon and a Man Recycles
      See on: “Demian’s Film & Video Projects” DVD

Rainbow Flags

Gay Pride Day - Seattle 2010

Gay Pride Parade - Seattle 2016
      Extensive use of 3-axis gimbal for fluid, floating shots

      Animated flight of fancy
      See on: “Demian’s Film & Video Projects” DVD

Fog (formerly titled Didi)
      A somber, obscured view of a relationship
      See on: “Demian’s Film & Video Projects” DVD

T’ai Chi Chuan
      Master T.T. Liang demonstration and interview
      See on “Two by Demian” DVD

Project W.E.E.
      Documentary on an ecology field study with
      5th grader kids

Timeless Wisdom: Being the Knowing
      Dharma teachings
      with Ven. Thubten Chodron and Ven. Ajahn Amaro

Timeless Wisdom:
Bringing Compassion to Living and Dying

      Discussion with Ven. Thubten Chodron and
      Lee Paton, hospice counselor

Lectures on Buddhist Meditation and Philosophy
      Four discussions with Ven. Thubten Chodron

Promotions -
      Videographer, Editor
Jilly Eddy - Lipsologist
Bill Robinson and Beverly Schuster - Mimes
Linda Severt - Juggletunes
Corporate Clients -
      Writer, Videographer, Editor
AmKor Pharma - VNR on phase 1 trials
Group Health - Lecture documentation
PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology and Health)
      In-house greetings to new employees
Publicis Dialogue - Client pitches
Theater -
      Director, Producer
Orphée (Jean Cocteau)
      view Demian’s photos and narrative of this production

UBU (Alfred Jarry)
      First U.S. puppet production; toured Massachusetts

Scaredy-Kate and the Monsters - or -
How to Pay the Rent
      Marionette opera set to Haydn’s music
      Played at the Bumbershoot Festival in 1982

The Voice of an Angel:
A Castrato Remembers
      Music of Glück, Haydn, Mozart
      Voted “Best of the Week” at the
      1986 New City Theater Director’s Festival

Ondine! - Theda! (Yarók aka John Green)

Our Old Gang Grows Up (Demian)
      Commissioned by the Gay Theater Festival, 1985

Assorted Shelters — or — Do You Have Nightmares When You Sleep on Your Back? (Demian edit)
      Developed through workshop improvisations

Inseparable Pieces: A Sequence of Power Plays (Demian edit)
      Developed through workshop improvisations

Directed Children in numerous summer camp variety shows, as well as standards such as Oliver (Lionel Bart) and South Pacific (Rogers and Hammerstein).
Radio -
      Director, Producer for
      plays aired on WFCR, WMUA, WYEP, WBUR, WCAS, KPFA and KPFK:
Wedding on the Eiffel Tower (Jean Cocteau)
One Way For Another (Jean Tardeau)
7 Meditations on Political Sado-Masochism (Living Theater)
Suet (Dave Smilo, Demian)
Queer Hour (Demian, ensemble)
Return of Queer Hour (Demian, ensemble)

Host and Producer for 130 public affairs programs (WMUA, WBUR)
Theater Workshops
Theater Workshops
      Lead 130 workshops aimed at developing improvisational
      skills and interpersonal relationships in a safe environment.
Writer for most of the film and video projects listed above, plus:
Sweet Corn Productions
8 Feature Film Scripts -
      Available for reading by producers or agents.

Hey, Citizen
      Street theater against the war

Broadcast Television
Perspectives on the Martial Arts on “NightShift,” Boston
      T’ai Chi demonstration and narration
Script consultant:
Jimmy Rosenfield - Jimmy Rosenfield
Graphic Cypher Productions - Ray Woodall
Bursting Universe Productions - Kelly Abbott
PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology & Health) - Chris Ellias
AmKor Pharma - Robert Abbott
Script Doctor - Clarify and enhanced many theater and film scripts
Video & Film Editing
Editor for all the film and video projects listed above, plus:
The Silent One (Ray Woodall)
A sword and sorcery/noir fantasy trailer - view on YouTube
For many film, video, stage, and radio productions I have managed contracts, cast, crew, transportation, locations, equipment, costumes, food service, and publicity.

I have also managed personnel and supplies for a food coop, vegan restaurants, a cold storage operation, and arts departments for summer camps.

Special Skills
Acting, Puppetry (and the funny voices that go with them), Puppet Creation, Improvisation, some American Sign Language, Photography and Illustration, T’ai Chi, Script Doctor, Watch Repair, Videography, Computer Wiz, Web site Programming, Rabbit Wrangler.
  • Ed.D. and M.Ed., University of Massachusetts
    (Doctoral thesis based on leading 130 theater workshops)
  • B.F.A., Massachusetts College of Art (painting major)
  • Theater and movement workshops with Carolee Schneeman and Yvonne Rainer
  • Theater workshops with The Open Theater, Manhattan Project, and The Living Theater
  • Certificate in Clock and Watch Repair, San Francisco Community College
  • FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit

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