Sweet Corn Productions is devoted to highly entertaining
presentations that affirm self-esteem and social equality.

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About Sweet Corn (and Demian)
“Sweet Corn Productions is devoted to highly entertaining presentations
that affirm self-esteem and social equality.” - Demian, cultural worker

I founded Sweet Corn Productions in 1971, as a way to identify the theater, radio, movie and video projects which I was creating. Most of them had a core of progressive, spiritual and liberation-oriented ideas.

Holly Near based her singing concerts upon similar ideals, and identified herself as a “cultural worker.” This term seemed a great way to frame all of my art and political activities.

Through the 70s and 80s, I developed and produced video, film, radio drama, live theater productions and workshops throughout New England, in San Francisco, and Seattle.


From early childhood, I was fascination with optical illusions, lenses, and prisms. At 12, I became interested in photography, due to finding an old Holmes 3-D viewer and stereo view cards. The 3-D imagery was very stimulating. So, I borrowed my mom’s Brownie Hawkeye camera and taught myself to take side-by-side shots, and mount the prints properly for viewing in the Holmes.

My dad had an 8mm movie camera, and I took over the family filming at 13.

Working as a summer camp counselor since I was 14, had directed children in arts and crafts, as well as musical reviews. However, it was not until getting into my high school senior play, and the school’s big musical that same year, that I was sparked. Since then I’ve been engagement with acting, directing, and writing plays and movies; many of which had underlying themes of justice.

My Workshop Participants, August 1971
photos: Demian

For photography inspiration, I go with Henri Lartigue, Margaret Bourke-White, Cartier-Bresson, W. Eugene Smith, Dorothea Lange, and oodles more.

For movies, I love the works of Frederico Fellini, Ingmar Bergman, Ridly Scott, Guillermo del Toro, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, and many others. I have screened thousands of movies (at least twice, and sometimes as much as 15 times over).

One other movie maker inspired me. In 1992, I was an extra on the TV series “Northern Exposure,” while working on the “Cicely” episode, I spent as much time as possible on set watching the director of photography, Frank Prinzi. He worked fast, painting with light, and made one, and sometimes two cameras, look like there were 10 cameras, once edited. The set was often smoked, which burned my eyes and made breathing difficult, however, I had to see him work. A rare opportunity to see a great craftsman apply his art.

Theater influences for me included training with Carolee Schneeman (happenings) and Yvonne Rainer (dance) and participation in workshops with The Living Theater, The Open Theater and The Manhattan Project. I worked briefly with the Caravan Theater in Boston, acting and producing slides for a multi-media show.

My Doctorate in Education was based on facilitating and instruction for more than 100 theater workshops.

During the years I was working on my BFA in painting, and on the Doctorate, the U.S. was engaged with an illegal, grotesque, war in southeast Asia, and there were the assassinations of Jack and Bobby Kennedy, and Martin L. King. I was horrified by all these events. M.L. King was a hero to me.

During the 70s, I worked with groups (sometimes making photos or illustrations for publication) involved with supporting vets, stopping the wars, racial equality, and gay liberation.

As I understand it, all art is political.


As a videographer since 1965, I have recorded drama, dance, mime, concerts, interviews, documentaries, audition and news release videos, as well as edit other folk’s projects.

My other experiences include copy writing, proofreading, script doctoring, document formatting, coaching actors and public speakers, as well as producing public service announcements, newsletters, advertising, pamphlets, and press releases.


For 20 years, Steve Bryant was a collaborator; he served as Sweet Corn’s music director, producing Concerts from 1982 to 2002.

My favorite projects to work on are those that incorporate socially progressive ideas, health, veganism, and promos for artists.

I am available for an initial consultation about your project, suggesting the most cost-effective solutions.


If you are on LinkedIn, send me a link request, which I will agree to, as a reward, simply because you have taken all this time to read: linkedin.com/in/demian7
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