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Demian’s Writing Résumé
Sweet Corn Productions
Seattle, WA

Since I was 13, I thought of myself as a photographer and film maker. Writing was just always there as a means to these ends. One day, I looked at the physical body of my writing; the original manuscripts and publications that I housed in many boxes. Considering the sheer paper poundage of my plays, film scripts, poems, newspaper articles, and my diaries (kept since 1965), I realized I could no longer deny also being a writer.

Here is a glimpse at some of my writing endeavors:

Film and Video
Produced Promotions
  • Jilly Eddy (Lipsologist)
  • Linda Severt (Juggletunes)
  • Bill Robinson and Beverly Schuster (mimes)
In Production
Speculation Feature Film Scripts
  • Blood Relatives
          Historical Drama, Vampires
  • Space Opera (aka: Streaking Across the Universe)
          Sci-Fi, Political Musical Comedy
  • Detective Smoothies (aka: The Adventures of Squinch Ezzer &
    Skinny Flint: The Case of the Indiscriminate Pickpocket)
  • Gilgamesh & Enkidu
          Action-Adventure, Historical Drama
  • Phil’s Fortune
          Historical Melodrama
  • Summer Camp Job
          Drama, Tragedy
  • Scaredy-Kate and the Monsters — or —
    How to Pay the Rent
    - music by Joseph Haydn
          Children’s Marionette Opera
  • Karmen - music by Georges Bizet
          Musical, Sci-Fi, Comedic Drama
Produced Released for free use in rallies, protests
  • Hey, Citizen
    One-act - Drama
        Street theater poem/play against war.
  • Suet (Dave Smilo, Demian)
  • Queer Hour (Demian)
  • Return of Queer Hour (Demian)
Writer, Host, and Producer for 130 public affairs programs (WMUA, WBUR)

Script Doctor
  • Jimmy Rosenfield - Jimmy Rosenfield
  • Bursting Universe Productions - Kelly Abbott
  • PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology & Health) - Chris Ellias
  • AmKor Pharma - Robert Abbott
Script Doctor - Clarify and enhance your theater or film script

Articles in Books
  • “America’s Diverse Cultures” - Jane Adams, ed.
  • “GoodLife: Mastering the art of everyday living, Utne Reader - Helen Coredes, Jay Walljasper editors
  • “Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services” Vol.1,#2 - Lawrence Kurdick, ed.
  • “Social Services for Gay and Lesbian Couples” - Lawrence Kurdick, ed.
  • “Lesbian and Gay Marriage: Private Commitments, Public Ceremonies”
    - Suzanne Sherman, ed.
Articles in Magazines and Newspapers
  • “Amherst Record”
  • “Below the Salt”
  • “Center Peace”
  • “Fag Rag”
  • “Family and Friends Magazine”
  • “Gæ-Räj”
  • “Gay Comix” (three illustrated stories)
  • “Gay Community News” (Boston)
  • “Gay Post”
  • “Greenfield Recorder”
  • “Hero Magazine”
  • “The Network”
  • “New Age Journal”
  • “Northwest Gay & Lesbian Reader”
  • “Northwest Passage”
  • “Out Front”
  • “OutLook Magazine”
  • “Real Change News”
  • “RFD” (several articles, photos, illustrations)
  • “Seattle Gay News” (reviews, essays, photos, and a biographical series)
  • “SIECUS Report”
  • “Utne Reader” (two articles)
  • “Valley Advocate” (monthly column for mainstream Mass. newspaper, 1970s)
  • “Washington Free Press”
  • “Win Magazine”
Magazine Publisher
  • “Partners Magazine” (80 interviews, scores of essays and articles, 1986-1993)
Newsletter Editor
  • Yellow Sun Food Coop (1975-1977)
  • Pioneer Valley Gay Union (1975)
  • Partners Task Force (1986-1993)
  • Legal Marriage Alliance of Washington (1996-98)
  • ASIFA-Seattle, local of international Animator’s group (2002-2008)
Web Site Editor and Programmer Computer Operations Technical Writer
  • University of Washington Medicine-Physicians, IT Services - Produced documentation for use of computer systems and programs for electronic file transfer opperations.
Web Site Programming - Clear and easy-to-navigate sites

  • Ed.D. and M.Ed., University of Massachusetts
    (Doctoral thesis based on leading 130 theater workshops)
  • B.F.A., Massachusetts College of Art (painting major)
  • Theater and movement workshops with Carolee Schneeman and Yvonne Rainer
  • Theater workshops with The Open Theater, Manhattan Project, and The Living Theater
  • Certificate in Clock and Watch Repair, San Francisco Community College
  • FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit
Demian’s Résumés: Directing || Writing || Visual || Acting
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