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Radiation Diaries
Produced and Directed by Demian

These short movie segments describe the severe health problems individuals experience being exposed to “Smart” Meters, and other Electromagnetic (EMF) sources.

Broadcasting Digital Meters have proven, in many cities, to dramatically increase customers’ costs. They can be hacked, and thereby disabled, as well as mined for private data.

However, it is the meters’ health risk to human beings that “Radiation Diaries” highlights.

Due to corporate greed, many utility companies are eager to install the unhealthy “Smart” Meter technology. These “Radiation Diaries” are presented as testimony and evidence, to help show how EMF pollution dramatically and negatively affects our lives.

I am seeking more on-camera participants to be recorded in the Seattle area.

Needed are those who have had to deal with severe EMF-created health issues. Also needed are medical workers who can address their patient’s experience, and what can be done toward healing.

Radiation Diaries: Mark’s Story
Previously a worker in electronics, Mark now has severe
electromagnetic disabilities, and begs to stop "Smart" Meter
installation in Seattle. - (4:55 min)
photo: Demian

Radiation Diaries: Elizabeth’s Story
Elizabeth, a Naturopath and Registered Nurse, talks in metaphorical
terms about how EMFs have shrunk her world. - (5:42 min)
photo: Demian

Radiation Diaries: Linda’s Story
Linda Andersson, who has a doctorate in education and two masters
degrees, tells us when she got a severe rash from her compact
fluorescent home lamps. - (2:46 min)
photo: Demian

Radiation Diaries: Carl’s Story - Part 1: Stress and the Human Bioelectric Field
Chiropractor Dr. Carl Jelstrup tells how EMFs have impacted
25 percent of all his patients; and how all living things can
be damaged by Cell Phones, Wi-Fi, and "Smart" Meters. - (8:46 min)
photo: Demian

Radiation Diaries: Carl’s Story - Part 2: EMF Stress and Possible Remedies
Dr. Carl Jelstrup, on potential remedies for EMF exposure. - (5:24 min)
photo: Demian

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