Sweet Corn Productions is devoted to highly entertaining
presentations that affirm self-esteem and social equality.

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Founded by Demian in 1971, Sweet Corn Productions has developed and produced a broad range of video, film and radio drama, as well as live productions and workshops throughout New England, in San Francisco and Seattle.

Demian, has been a Photographer, Filmmaker, and Videographer since 1965. He has experience photographing drama, dance, mime, concerts, interviews, and documentaries, audition and news release videos, and 3-D (stereoscopic) photography.

Demianís other experiences include copy writing, proofreading, script doctoring, document formatting, coaching actors and public speakers, as well as producing public service announcements, newsletters, advertising, and press releases.

Demian has a doctorate in education, and is available for an initial consultation about your project, suggesting the most cost-effective technical solution.

  Digital Production - Recording & Editing
        Quality video, still, and sound recordings.
        Also, Seattle studio time rental.
  Demianís Video Samples
  Demianís Vimeo Channel
  Demianís YouTube Channel
  Image Galleries
        Original, artistic, communicative photos
        and illustration.
  Retouched Image Samples
        Digital magic performed by Demian on still images.
  Web Site Programming
        Communicate through use of clean, direct layout.
  Script Doctor
        Clarify and enhance your theater or film script.
  Puppet Productions
        Marionette and hand puppet projects.

Current Project
Radiation Diaries
A series of short movies which describe the severe
health problems individuals experience being exposed to
ďSmartĒ Meters, and other Electromagnetic (EMF) sources.
Available DVDs
Click here for a list of DVDs Produced by Demian.

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